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Ashly Nicole

Hi! So you may be wondering just who I am. 
My name is Ashly (yes without an 'E') and I started my photography journey at about the age of 13 with a little point and shoot kodak in Houston, Texas. Ever since I could talk I've been singing and you may be thinking, "what does that have to do with photography?", well, music is what lead me to what I'm doing today. I have always wanted to be involved in the music industry and photography has played a huge part in me being able to do just that. Aside from just creating live show content, I create portraits, lifestyle photos, product photos, conceptual photos, and so on. 
Photography has come to be something I am extremely passionate about and strive to learn more about each and everyday, as well as something I want to teach and inspire people with;
I love telling stories with my photos and capturing the emotions of my subjects. I'm always up for new challenges and ideas and constantly wanting to push my limits and boundaries further and further with what I can do.  
A few other little things about me that you may not know are, my hair color changes with my mood, I have a cat named Cake, and if I could live in a video game it would be The Legend of Zelda games.


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